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Version V1
EARNING RATE 0.00069444 Doge/MIN
PROFIT PER DAY 1.00000000Doge

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x10 Version Siver

Speed 10 H/s

0.05109127 Đ per minute

73.57142860Đ per day

3% profit

x20 Version Gold

Speed 20 H/s

0.15699405 Đ per minute

226.07142900Đ per day

6% profit

x30 Version Diamonds

Speed 30 H/s

0.37395833 Đ per minute

538.50000000Đ per day

8% profit

x40 Version MASTER

Speed 40 H/s

0.76388890 Đ per minute

1100.00000000Đ per day

10% profit